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Paint Radiant Realism in Watercolor, Ink & Colored Pencil by Sueellen Ross

Paint Radiant Realism in Watercolor, Ink & Colored Pencil
Paint Radiant Realism in Watercolor, Ink & Colored Pencil
Sueellen Ross
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North Light Books; 1st edition (August 15, 1999)
128 pages
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Discover an exciting new way of painting--a multi-medium approach that combines the vivid moods of watercolor, the punch and contrast of ink, and the intriguing textures of colored pencil. In this book, Sueellen Ross will introduce you to her unique "Four-Step Program"--a simple method of layering one medium on top of another in easy-to-control stages. Step-by-step, you'll see how to use this technique to paint cozy interiors, beautiful flowers, cats, birds and other delightful subjects in a brilliant, realistic style!

  • BeatHoWin
This is the most interesting "watercolor" book I've seen in awhile because the artist applies darkest black first then works layer by layer until the white is last which is highly unusual. It is also a mixed media book which uses India ink, watercolor, colored pencils, and fine tip markers. The realism and details Sueellen Ross show you how she achieves is quite beautiful. If you're an animal lover or you want to paint portraits of animals I don't know how many books she might have but purchase them all. This is not a book for a beginner in my opinion because you're going to need to know how to draw or own a projector to get a well drawn image and you're going to need experience w paint and know about the materials and basic understanding of how to achieve x and y before you just get a book about z. I will say if you buy this and you are a beginner but a good artist, this might be a very different approach to painting that might work well for you! No doubt you'll learn something either way. You're also going to need a fairly decent idea about how to see darkest black to white and every shade in between to achieve the results. Her technique is very detailed and precise like a paint by number and not the typical slop the paint on and let colors mingle and dry and find surprise effects which some watercolor artists can do with ease and others just can't ever achieve. well worth the money.
  • YSOP
I bought this book because I got sick of having to renew it and return it, etc, at the library... which I've been doing for 3 years (and I think it spent the bulk of those 3 years at my house!)

Sueellen Ross uses ink, watercolor and colored pencils to create her signature realistic paintings and what I really love most about this book is it inspired me to go vibrant with my watercolors and really use the colors full-intensity. No more breezy, washed out paintings! The other thing I really love is it helped me with trying to find perfect shades for certain hard-to-create animal things-- like the pink nose of a dog, etc.

I honestly don't follow her technique totally (she almost creates a paint-by-number type drawing before she paints, and then dabs color on in miniscule amounts in tiny little patches to create her bottom-level of the paintings.-- I just can't sketch out every subtle color change like that... I just don't have the patience or interest to do it!-- ) But I did find it interesting to see, and the process is laid out nicely in photographs. Beside all that, seeing her process did help me "see" the subject differently, and I think that helped in my painting overall.

This is a great book for someone who has begun to paint and wants to take it to the next level, or for an intermediate, or even experienced painter. I probably would not get this as a "first how-to" book for a just starting beginner, but for someone who has gotten used to the brush in their hands and is slightly familiar with different paper surfaces (not even necessarily experienced with different papers, etc) and has a certain level of commitment (Only because if you intend to use her techniques, the pens, pencils, and even paints can cost a bit of cash-- It would probably be best for someone who has already decided they liked to paint with watercolors and would just like to improve).

(Also-- it is best for someone who is interested in painting animals-- wild or domestic. You will find no help in painting old houses, seaside scenes or city landscapes in this book-- There are no human figures, either-- it is strictly for painting animals in their settings-- And focuses on domesticated pets in suburban settings, including indoors)
  • Abuseyourdna
I loved this book, it is a great book to understand the craft and how to get good at it. I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn. Excellent information on pencils, what they do, how they work and how to use them. But, I have to say the style for me is not really "REALISM", if you want that you need to buy:

Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil, Hillberry
Colored Pencil Painting Bible, Nickelsen
Masterful colour, Steinberg
Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil, Greene, which also comes with a DVD, excellent step by step instructions and lessons, this book is invaluable!!

For any Artist:
Color Mixing Bible, by Ian Sidaway

Colour Pencils and Graphite:
Colored Pencil Secrets for Success, Kullberg
Coloured Pencil Solution Book, Gildow and Newton

Paint Radiant Realism in Watercolour, Ink and colored Pencil, Ross

Those are just my favorites so far, I have a ton as I believe that you need to keep learning to stay fresh.
  • Olelifan
Ms. Ross shows, through numerous step-by-step examples, how to achieve some very beautiful transitions from light to dark. Yes, her style is realistic, but it is really her sense of dramatic lighting that is the marvel here.

Even if your intent is not to be ultra-realistic, there is much that can be learned and later leveraged for mixed-media painting. How she incorporates black ink with watercolor glazes is especially informative. That she works from dark to light with watercolor (exactly the reverse of what most of us have been taught) and shows how to do it with great success is definitely worth a look. Her knowledge of colored pencils and how she uses them as a watercolor resist is something that I will be experimenting with for months.

All in all, it is a thought-provoking book even if you do not intend to work in such a realistic fashion. Ms. Ross' book could easily be used as a foundry for helping you develop your own unique style because it illustrates how to make mixed media work together by taking advantage of the strengths of pen & ink, watercolor painting, and color pencils.