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This Business of Music, Fourth Edition by Paul Ackerman,Sidney Shemel

This Business of Music, Fourth Edition
This Business of Music, Fourth Edition
Paul Ackerman,Sidney Shemel
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Billboard Books; Enlarged 4th edition (January 1, 1979)
596 pages
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Since 1964 this book has provided musicians, record company executives, and all other music industry professionals with detailed information on virtually every economic and financial aspect of the complex music business.

  • Bearus
Performing, Promoting and Producing music is one thing. Music Law is another - - and when you're not a million dollar record company but just another guy trying to make and promote music, and you can't afford $200.00 an hour for *multiple* legal consultations, you might be at a disadvantage, especially when you're dealing with slicksters who do.
This book for long has been one of the few serious resources available to individuals who need to really understand "the industry" and the laws relating to you and it (including how to protect your own work and performances as well as making agreements with other people, and not infringing copyright law.) About 5 years ago it underwent a major make over to deal with the digital revolution and other chages in the industry (including the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998) and now even has a CD rom with plenty of printable legal documents, including 23 sample agreements.
The book might not have any cute picures and rock and roll stories, but if you need a serious understanding about everything fo contracts, agreements, performing rights, protecting ideas and titles, agents and managers, various legislation and so on and so forth, this is an essential work of reference. It is defitely *not* just another "Cheesy Wannabe Pop Star Magazine Presents : How To Get Your Demo Heatf and Become a Big and Groovy Recording Artist" type book, nor is it written in such legalese, that you need a lawyer to disencipher it... it is basically the definitive reference manual for any individual involved or getting involved in the music industry to have on hand.
  • Hulbine
As the grandson of the prominent composer Nathaniel Shilkret, who left a legacy of several hundred works--many published by the company bearing his name, I was in need of information about the music business, with a presentation that is understandable by the layman. After obtaining several books about the music business, I found that this book uniquely fitted my needs. It is comprehensive, completely up-to-date, clear and very well organized . My relation to the composer placed me in an unusual situation not addressed in other books, but all the details of the recent (1998) relevant law were included and easy to find in "This Business of Music." This information saved me from losing royalty income. This book is not a page-turner novel for an easy night's entertainment; it is a quality reference book to be used over the years by anyone who has a serious need for information about the BUSINESS of music. Also, when I bought the book, I found it included a useful bonus: a CD with relevant laws and, more importantly, relevant sample contracts. I have many useful books in my library that are five or more times the price of this book but do not contain as much information.
  • Whitegrove
good book with lots of insight (but now these kinds of things don't really matter in the music industry since things are changing)
  • Angana
I have been reading the editions of this book since the 80's. It is the bible of the industry of music. Shemel and Krasilovsky are experts. I hired Shemel for several project in the past when it was living, he knows his stuff. RIP in Sidney.
  • Vutaur
Great info
  • Dainris
Good guidelines with a more up to date understanding. I am excited for the cd to help me understand the documents being described.
  • Ber
The book was in like new condition. could not ask for more.Would order again. Just wish I could have gotten it on my kindle.
Has some insight about how to get put on, but not much more than I already knew about.