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Jenny Holzer by Diane Waldman

Jenny Holzer
Jenny Holzer
Diane Waldman
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Individual Artists
Solomon R Guggenheim Museum; First Edition edition (December 1, 1989)
116 pages
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Jenny Holzer by Diane Waldman
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Jenny Holzer by Diane Waldman
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Jenny Holzer by Diane Waldman
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Looks at the artists's texts, executed on billboards, posters, tractor caps, stickers, store windows, telephone booths, benches, television, and stadium scoreboards, and shares her comments on her approach to art

  • Siramath
Have you ever stopped to think how many times we are bombarded by truisms everyday? Get this book and you will get a clue. In the Truisms series over exposure to banality reveals how numbed out we all are. Take a cliche like "Children are the hope to the future" and place beside "Children are the most cruel of all". We say and repeat these truisms but do we really realize that they are empty in themselves ? Do we perceive the contradictions ? How we mold reality to suit our needs ? Truisms sooth us with the cushioned feeling of the "generally accepted truth". Jenny Holzer literally splashes intimate thoughts, truisms, activist slogans over the landscape. These truths, half-truths and huge lies stare out at us in billboards, park benches like a conscience made physical. This is art made on the very border of reality and language.
  • Akirg
The book listed on this page, a monograph on Jenny Holzer by Phaidon Press, is fabulous. It contains information on Holzer's wide and influential art career, from her Truisms posters of the 'seventies to her electronic LED signs, carved stone benches, and virtual art pieces of the 'nineties.
This book is also unique, within the Holzer bibliography, because of the "Artist's Choice" section where Holzer provides excerpts from books and writings that have influenced her, along with explanations of why she's moved by them.
If you're interested in modern art, or women artists, this is a must-read