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The Art of George Quaintance by George Quaintance

The Art of George Quaintance
The Art of George Quaintance
George Quaintance
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Photography & Video
Janssen Publishers CC; 3rd Revised edition (June 1, 2003)
80 pages
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Revised and updated, this landmark volume presents the complete oil paintings of George Quaintance. An astonishing mixture of art and kitsch, the collection reveals the artist’s erotic fantasies, unique visualization, and painting talent.

  • Bolanim
Unlike others, I recommend this book, if not for any other reason than the section on Quaintance in his own words. The black and white images give a different perspective on the artwork. Remember, that is how most people were exposed to his work. I love George Quaintance's work even more because of this book.
  • Ndlaitha
Love this book
  • Binthars
  • Marilbine
Quaintance deserves so much better than this semi-literate, overpriced trade paperback with a color cover and NO color inside, just lame black-and-white reproductions of his work. I bought it expecting to learn something about his life. There was nothing but some misspelled generalities (two or three pages of uninformative text), and while die-hard Quaintance fans may want to get this book, they might instead write to Taschen and beg them to do justice to this underrated talent! Pathetic.
  • Small Black
Fortunatly I have in my personal collection, many original Qauimtance art pieces from the fourties and fifties that I was smart enough to acquire while in my teens and early twenties. He was probably the most recognized gay artist of the time and his works are well sought after even today. But I must complain that this poor excuse of a tribute to his artistry is a gross waste of paper, time and energy, and your money if you are comptenplating purchasing it....Damn shame.....