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Star in Danger (Thoroughbred Series #37) by Joanna Campbell

Star in Danger (Thoroughbred Series #37)
Star in Danger (Thoroughbred Series #37)
Joanna Campbell
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HarperCollins (October 6, 1999)
176 pages
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Don't Miss the Exciting Adventures of a New Generation of Thoroughbred Horses and Riders at Whitebrook Farm!

Will Christina ever see Star again?

Christina Reese is worried. She's been taking care of Wonder's Star ever since his dam, Wonder, died. Now Star has been sent to Townsend Acres, and Christina misses him terribly. She dreamed of eventing Star in the Olympics one day, but Brad Townsend has already started training him to race.

The only way for Christina to be near her colt is to work with Brad. But Star has changed since he left Whitebrook. The once sweet and gentle colt has become wild and difficult to manage. Can Christina save her beloved Star from being ruined?

Read the Wonder's Legacy trilogy from Thoroughbred and experience the powerful bond between a determined girl and a very special colt. If you love horses, then you'll love these books!

  • Kagaramar
Some important factors I noticed were that Chris gives up Sterling because she just doesn't have time for her. She still loves Sterling, but if she doesn't take care of Star, nobody will. Chris doesn't like the training methods the Townsend Acres people use, and Star's temperament has changed a lot she thinks that backing him too early could be very dangerous. She's also scared of what the trainer might do if Star misbehaves. I like the fact the story focuses on Chris and Star. If EVERY single character was mentioned in EVERY book, there wouldn't be room for the story line! I mean, do your parents come home every day from work and call all your relatives just to see 'what's going on with them'? The book is focused on Christina and Star. When you're writing a book, it's important to keep focused on the central issue, and not mention things that don't matter to the story. If you were describing your day at school to your parents, would you go on and on about everything? 'I was sitting in the third seat from the left and that tall guy was sitting in front and in front of him was the blond girl and the teacher was talking about her new dog Goldie who is a Labrador and has a purple collar and brown eyes and likes her cat, Fluffy, who is brown and white and has long hair... Anyway, I tripped over and broke my arm!' Personally, I wouldn't bother reading a book if it spent the whole story recapping on what every single character was doing. This book avoids that trap a lot better than some others. One of my favorite of the series.
  • Vozilkree
I started to dislike these books as soon as cindy just dissapeared, why does everyone have to dissapear??? They just go POOF! 1st it was cindy now its Dylan, Katie, and Cassidy, I mean I like Parker but please! Christina loved Dylan they were such a cute couple, and what about Katie I guess her "Best Friend" wasn't really her best friend because she just dissapeared. Cassidy even had her own book then another POOF! I know Cindy comes back in the later books but you cannot just make people dissapear. Um...and what about the horses Pride, Sierra, Shining, Glory, Champion, Honor, and soon I hear Sterling is just going to be sold! I mean COME ON STUPID AUTHORS READ THE OTHER FRIGGIN BOOKS!!!!! Also...I hate the way that from Without Wonder to Star in Danger there is THREE YEARS IN BETWEEN!
I mean they could have made a few books in between to say what happened to all of Christinas friends! The thing I like about the new series Wonders Legacy (YIPPEE!!!!)
is that they are getting back to racing I liked eventing but it wasn't as thrilling as racing so WHATEVER!
  • Tebei
I can not weight to read this book. It looks like a good book.
  • Aver
my daughter loves these books.....
  • Mavegar
  • X-MEN
When Ashleigh's Wonder died just days after giving birth to her last foal Christina's mother, Ashleigh, couldn't even bear to look at the orphaned colt. Christina had to bottle-feed him around the clock. That was when she named him Wonder's Star because of the white, heart-shaped star in the middle of his forehead. After adventures with a mischeivous goat, giving Star an 'identity problem' Christina and her father had to start all over to overcome the tiny foal's fear of other horses. And when Star was at last in the paddock with the other promising weanlings Christina hears Ashleigh eagerly closing a deal with Clay Townsend and his son Brad, half-owners of Star. Wonder's Star was being sent to Townsend Acres.
Christina has to say "good-bye" to her dreams of making Star her eventing horse and riding him in the olympics. There is no question about Star's future now--Brad is already training him to race. At first Christina had to admit that the yearling was getting good enough care at Townsend Acres. Before his 'training' begins. When Christina starts having trouble on cross-country with her mare, Sterling Dream, she makes the decision not to visit Star anymore. Maybe then she could concentrate on her dreams for the olympics...with STERLING. But when she and her cousin, Melanie, finally return to Townsend Acres Star has changed. He isn't groomed as often because everyone in the stable thinks he is vicious and agressive. Even Ashleigh remarks coldly that Star is becoming like Terminator, one of Whitebrook's stallions. Christina wants to regain Star's trust, and that means she has to be able to work with him. When Christina gets the opportunity to groom for Brad she knows she has to do anything for Star. But at the same time she is having trouble with her boyfriend, Parker. She always thought of them as just FRIENDS. Now she is afraid that they're becoming much more than that. She has to forget about everything for her event at Meadowlark. But then she gets the news that the head trainer is going to teach Star to carry a person on his back--TODAY. Christina knows Star isn't ready. But how can she convince anyone to see her side? Christina is positive that it's time to get Star HOME--at Whitebrook. Whether her parents like it or not!