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Johnny and the Dead by Terry Pratchett

Johnny and the Dead
Johnny and the Dead
Terry Pratchett
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  • Cordann
As a die hard fan of Pratchett I was not in the least deterred by the fact that this was marked as a Juvenile/Young Adult book. I know from experience that there are nuances to Pratchett's writing that would appeal to people of all ages.

Johnny has discovered a new and largely unwanted talent - he can talk to the dead who are not best pleased that the council want to bulldoze down their cemetery to create more housing for the living. They have paid their dues, they say, go and bug someone else. Johnny doesn't know whether to be pleased or dismayed that he can talk to the dead and that they expect him to represent him. Why couldn't he have talents like his friend Wobbler, Bigmac or Yo0less (because he never says 'yo').

This is part of a trilogy so parts of this will continue into the next book, but each one is a stand alone book. My one daughter has read this book and is now hooked on Pratchett. I have created another fan, and I am thrilled.
  • Wat!?
As an adult reader with grandkids, I read the books I recommend before I pass them on. Johnny Maxwell exceeds my expectations. These young men are strong, careing, kind and willing to help each other to solve problems and try to make their environment a better place to be for everyone. Fearlessly (well,not exactly) however, they do what's right! They show all of us how important taking part in the world around them for the good of all can be. Johnny shows us that you don't need to be "cool" or "popular" to help make the world a better place.
  • Madis
Another great Johnny Maxwell story. Johnny has some gifts for communication--with aliens in an earlier story and with the dead in this one. The story is very interesting and Johnny grows a lot throughout the story. As usual, Terry, another great read! :-)
  • Lanadrta
Johnny sees dead people, who turn out to be the livelier characters in the story. Johnny and his friends (living) help the town make a stand against a big corporation. A pretty mundane plot around which the real story revolves. There's a few of Pratchetts more profound passages towards the end. Life is like a pinball machine is worth looking at. You also get a glimpse of a character that may be the beginnings of Nanny Ogg. And I think this is the earliest work with a brief cameo of a character who SPEAKS ENTIRELY IN CAPS. The humor that characterizes his mature work, though, is just developing.
  • Quttaro
Just when I thought I knew where this story was going, I was happily surprised by the direction it took. Terry Pratchett explores what might happen after we die in the most warm and amusing way. For his sake I hope it's true!
  • Marige
Cute story. It is targeted at preteens and succeeds at hitting the mark. Unlike some of Pratchett's stories for younger readers, I would not recommend this story for adults.
  • Iell
Love Terry Pratchett for a rollicking good read. Interesting premiss.
Terry Pradget writes wonderful character based novels, but somehow this one fell a bit flat. I missed the rich characters that populate Pradgett's other novels. Characters like Granny Weatherwax and Angua, the werewolf police woman are so complex that they seem real. I will try Pradgett again, but Johnny was a disappointment.
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