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Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins
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Mary Poppins by P. L. TRAVERS
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  • Manris
I do believe that it is the best book in the Mary Poppins series which consists of six novels plus four more little books. Since it was originally intended to be the last book in the series, the author seems to feel settled about her characters and situations. Of course she deepens even more in the books that followed but when reading this title (or listening to it) consider that this was supposed to be the end of the series (and the final chapter is so moving indeed). My favourite chapter is "Happily Ever After" and one has to bear in mind that this was written during the Second World War, so the yearn for happiness and the reconciliation of the opposites one finds here is much more meaningful...

Rosalyn Landor does the material justice. She reads the book with humour and warmth.

Certainly worth buying/reading/listening to it!
  • Timberahue
I was thrilled to see that this book had been returned to the original hardcover! I read this as a child and then saw the movie and remembered that they were not quite the same, but reading it again just reminded me how differently they were. After the movie 'Saving Mr. Banks' came out I was looking forward to re-reading the original Mary Poppins. Quite a different story than the one that Disney created, but a fun story to read nonetheless.

This has a lot of great imaginative details, and different areas that were not covered in the movie. I don't want to give to much away, this is a quick read for an adult and would be fun to read along with your young one.

I would suggest reading it first so you can plan ahead questions to ask your little one along the way; make it fun and see what they predict what would happen next.

This was a wonderfully delightful book to read again and I can't wait till my little one is old enough so we can share in the magic of Mary Poppins!
  • Ydely
One of the best children's books of the 20th century - which was a great century for children's books, so that's saying something. The original Mary Poppins was nothing like the saccharine-sweet Julie Andrews musical that Disney jammed down the throats of America's kids. She was the original proponent of tough love, & was loved, admired & feared throughout multiple dimensions of the created world. Perhaps the most charming & heartbreaking chapter describes the infant twins talking to each other, a bird & the sunshine, full of wonder & delight, only to be told that soon they will grow up & forget. Mary Poppins is the other side of the coin to Barrie's Peter Pan - an adult still connected to the (soon to be lost) innocence of childhood. All parents should read this book to their children, as soon as their children are old enough to sit upright & be read to. Once their children are old enough to read for themselves, all parents should give this book to them, then tiptoe out of the room & quietly close the door.
  • Antuiserum
We bought this collection two or three months ago after seeing 'Saving Mr. Banks' several times. Now my wife and I are reading it aloud to each other and having the time of our lives. The atmosphere is delightfully old-fashioned, elegant. What Adam Gopnik wrote on the back cover rings true — "The original Mary Poppins books reward grown-up re-reading as much as they please kids."

We are just starting book II — Mary Poppins Comes Back. The stories seem a little stronger in this one than in the first Mary Poppins book.

As for the format of the book, I appreciate that the font size is generous, and all the original illustrations remain in this printing.
  • Mora
The picture makes it look like the cover is more... textured... and it's not. It's very flat. The pages inside are flat with little to no texture and are very thin. I can nearly see what's written on the page behind it. However, it is the entire collection and not overly large, which the thinner pages tend to help with. I guess I expected a bit more quality, but it's not "bad" by any means. 4 stars for being "almost" perfect vs practically perfect in every way.
  • Forey
Originally written in 1934. As a child, I had never read the book Mary Poppins. I knew about the Disney
musical based on this book, but after watching the movie Saving Mr. Banks, I had to buy and read this book.
It was great! I love Mary Poppins and the many adventures that she has with Michael, Jane, and the twins.
I will not spoil anything for anyone. Must read and must buy for young and old alike! You will not be disappointed.
  • Garne
I never read Poppins as a child, and now I'm glad I escaped it. What a horrid, conceited, unpleasant piece of work she is. Just a thoroughly nasty cow. Maybe the little brats like her, but I certainly do not.
I really like this book. The illustrations are adorable, if you like the old fashioned style. There is a story for each letter of the alphabet and the stories are good. It might be a little long for preschoolers but it would be good for kindergarteners or older, depending on your chid's attention span. It is based in the Mary poppins book....not the movie. I knew this when I bought it. for instance mary has other children that she nannies, not just jane & michael. Just wanted you to be aware of that. Oh and it was a lot smaller than I thought, like maybe 8x8 (I don't have it in front of me to measure).