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Papa Panov's Special Day by Mig Holder

Papa Panov's Special Day
Papa Panov's Special Day
Mig Holder
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Lion Hudson Plc (1976)
24 pages
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  • Shazel
In this lovely picture book for older children, Papa Panov is an elderly shoemaker, feeling lonely on Christmas Eve. He reads about the birth of Jesus, long ago, and how Mary and Joseph had been turned away at the inn. If they had come here, he thinks to himself, I would have taken them in and cared for them. After drifting off to sleep, Papa Panov has a dream in which Jesus says he will come and visit the old shoemaker the next day. Eagerly, Papa Panov watches the streets on Christmas day, looking for Jesus. Along comes the humble street sweeper, and then a homeless woman and her child, and others who are down on their luck and in need. Papa Panov, though he wants to be watching for Jesus, kindly reaches out to each one who comes his way, offering a bit of food and comfort. When the day ends and Jesus apparently has not come, Papa Panov is disappointed -- until in another dream Jesus says that he had come after all! "I was hungry, and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me water, I was cold and you took me in. All the time you were helping them, you were helping me!"
  • Shakataxe
This is a wonderful Christmas story and will touch the hearts of both children and adults. It depicts the real true meaning of Christmas and how we meet Jesus in every person we reach out to in kindness and unselfishness. It is not long and can be read out loud in less than 10 minutes and is perfect for that story before bed.
  • Dagdage
We have read Papa Panov's Special Day each Christmas time for 30 years. We have the 1978 edition with illustrations by Nathalie Vilain. When I saw that a more recent edition was available I ordered it hoping that perhaps I could then order additional copies to give to my grown children for their families. What a disappointment -- the older edition had simple, somewhat gritty illustrations of a thin, simple shoemaker; this one has happy, bright watercolors that don't fit the story at all. Papa Panov has become a Santa-clone -- chubby with white hair and beard. Furthermore, there is a gratuitous cat in the illustrations for reasons unknown. Although the same person is credited with the retelling, they have even changed the text: Papa Panov no longer has a grey mustache but a white one; unnecessarily the new text adds 'I'll remember that whenever I read the Christmas story,' which rings false in Papa Panov's voice. All in all, the publisher, Lion Hudson, would have done much, much better re-releasing the old version.
  • Efmprof
This is a wonderful book! It is a great way to teach children about hospitality and what's really important in life.
  • Reddefender
I bought the book for a baby shower. I love this story.
  • Nikok
This book has been a family favorite for many, many years. I am now buying copies for my grandchildren. It is the Tolstoy story of the shoemaker who wants to SEE Jesus on Christmas Day. He thinks he missed him but ultimately realizes he has not.
  • Fek
Such a great story
Loved this story as a child. Love the idea of Christmas told in a little bit different of a story.