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Lowercase Alphabet Workbook Ages 3-5 by Barbara Gregorich,School Zone Staff,Joan Hoffman,Robin Boyer

Lowercase Alphabet Workbook Ages 3-5
Lowercase Alphabet Workbook Ages 3-5
Barbara Gregorich,School Zone Staff,Joan Hoffman,Robin Boyer
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School Zone (October 30, 2017)
32 pages
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Practice little letters one at a time. This Lowercase Alphabet workbook from the Get Ready! series will help your child practice tracing and writing lowercase letters, which is an essential first step in learning to read. Plenty of bright-colored critters make it more fun! Plus, the illustrations will encourage your child to pronounce object names. Finish-the-word exercises help with beginning, middle, and ending sounds. With a pencil or crayon, and perhaps just a bit of coaching from you, your child will practice and learn for many happy hours. Its slim, 32-page size is great for packing into totes and luggage.

  • Geny
I bought a bunch of the books in this series. Mainly, because I wanted free shipping. However, these books really are great. They are beautifully illustrated, bright wonderful colors. Have great activities and are a great way to help parents who would like to expand their child's base but may not know how to go about doing so directly. Great books, great prices. I plan on buying the rest of the titles and stashing away a few for gifts. Excellent purchase!
  • Hudora
I should have paid attention to other reviewers. My it was so inexpensive I decided to give it a try. Ok, I like to think my daughter is the smartest 4-year old in town, but this is a bit too easy. It is, at least, better than the other get ready books. Since she needs to copy letters, she enjoyed a little more than the others I purchased. I probably would buy it again when my son starts learning his letters, but for my daughter who knows her letters already, I will get something more difficult.
  • Nanecele
Good penmanship practice
  • Minha
I'm glad children can get a headstart on learning.
  • Jusari
Good work book pages for kids....my daughter likes to just play school....but we also did homeschooling with some help from these and she is surpassing every one in school now. I know these books helped.
  • Maman
This was a nice easy book for preschool homeschoolers. I am using it to give my 2 almost 3 year old a head start and she is really enjoying learning in a fun way. I would definitely buy again!
  • Scoreboard Bleeding
My Grandkids love playing in these books. When they come over we play with these, then watch movies and make treats.
Pretty simple, doesn't give a lot of good practice area, but worth the price. Good for an extra activity or addition to homeschooling materials.