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Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror by Patrick M. Morley

Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror
Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror
Patrick M. Morley
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Christian Living
Zondervan Publishing House (January 1, 2002)
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In Patrick Morley's true sequel to The Man in the Mirror a man is taken beyond the day-to-day problems he faces and is confronted with seven major seasons of life that can make him or break him. Includes a leader's guide for small groups. Formerly titled The Seven Seasons of a Man's Life.

  • Celore
Enjoyed reading this book and also a good reference to reread certain seasons of life. I like his style which challenges us to take action and not just read. Like all of Patrick Morley's books, they are thought provoking to move us to live as men of God.
  • Micelhorav
Great book for a good price. Bought to give to a friend who needed some encouragement. Book was in good shape.
  • Kezan
I found Morley's book to be exceptionally well written and full of substantive, easy-to-understand, and useful-for-living insight for men based on a solid Biblical foundation.

The book examines many practical and periodic aspects of how we tend to think about life and its many challenges. Morely offers an excellent framework for thinking about where God is leading you and how His plan works in your life. This is challenging and useful stuff. For example, have you ever found yourself pondering a career decision and reading "What Color is My Parachute" only to be left wondering what God's part is in all this? Morley points to some answers that may help. Morley has a nice way of introducing a few memorable phrases that helpf in applying these insights on a day-to-day basis such as, " there is a difference between a Good Idea and a God Idea", and "focusing on being used instead of being something".

The bottom line is that this is a highly practical book for Christian men or men investigating the virtues of a Christian life. It challenges us to let God become the center of our world-view rather than the many alternatives our culture offers in His place.

If you are a man who liked Warren's very popular "The Purpose Driven Life" and wanted some additional day-to-day application then this book may fit the bill.

To women I highly recommended this book as a gift to the men in your life and to checkout Morley's book for women and couples in his very successful "Man in the Mirror" Library.
  • Butius
I love this book because it covers so many issues in one's life and it is told in a heartfelt and believable way, from the authors own experiences. It is a great reference source for when passing through the different seasons of life. I recommend it to anyone trying to figure out life's purpose.
  • Direbringer
good book.
  • Jum
Good book overall, bit a bit dated.
  • Yozshunris
Excellent book for all men to read
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