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Inclusion: Making Room for Grace by Eric H. F. Law

Inclusion: Making Room for Grace
Inclusion: Making Room for Grace
Eric H. F. Law
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Churches & Church Leadership
Chalice Press; First Edition edition (January 1, 2000)
130 pages
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"Inclusion," says the author, "is a discipline of consciously extending the boundaries of our communities to embrace and affirm people of diverse backgrounds and experiences." In this resource for ministers and church leaders, Law provides models, theories, and strategies that are both practical and theologically sound for moving faith communities toward greater inclusion.

  • NI_Rak
This book has been an invaluable resource for me in ministering to diverse congregations. Law's writing is engaging and easy to follow. He provides clear examples and relates theology and biblical understanding to our common challenge of welcoming all in our community, whether in or out of church.
  • Whitebeard
This book opened my eyes to how easily I exclude others and challenges me to use grace to open myself up to others. If you question why no one believes as you do, perhaps this book will offer a way head.
  • Yojin
It addresses the questions that one may have about inclusiveness, in grace filled manner. I would refer anyone to read any of Eric Law's texts, they are filled with words of wisdom, practical applications and grace.
  • anonymous
Eloquently and persuasively makes the case for full inclusion of all people in the church.
  • Beazezius
Most Christians say that they want to reach out and include more people in their church. But, how? According to Eric Law, a crucial step is to identify the "fear zone," and the "safe zone" from which your local church functions. The next step is to expand your congregation's "grace margin", so that it is large enough to truly welcome people that are considering joining your church.

I was especially moved by the first few chapters of the book which focus on our human tendancy to exclude others. "Exclusion is simple. Once we reject the others, we don't have do deal with them anymore. ... Inclusion involves a great deal of thinking and listening ..."

Anyone genuinely interested in church growth should read this book.