» » Making Great Cheese At Home: 30 Simple Recipes From Cheddar to Chevre (Classic Kitchen Crafts)

Making Great Cheese At Home: 30 Simple Recipes From Cheddar to Chevre (Classic Kitchen Crafts) by Barbara Ciletti

Making Great Cheese At Home: 30 Simple Recipes From Cheddar to Chevre (Classic Kitchen Crafts)
Making Great Cheese At Home: 30 Simple Recipes From Cheddar to Chevre (Classic Kitchen Crafts)
Barbara Ciletti
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Cooking by Ingredient
Lark Books (December 31, 2001)
144 pages
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White Goat Cheddar, Danish Blue, Stilton, Holland Gouda. If you're confident in the kitchen and crave cheese, you can learn to make it at home. Each of these 30 recipes is rated by difficulty: Easy would be the soft French cheese, Fromage Blanc; Medium, due to the handwork, patience, and time, would be Stilton; and Difficult, for those who enjoy a challenge and love puttering about the kitchen, would be Camembert, because it takes about 9 hours to complete the processes. Each recipe alerts you to the amount of time involved, and how best to store your finished cheese. You're likely to own some of the supplies and equipment required, and the recipe will alert you when a cheese requires specific products or molds, all of which are easily obtainable. So what could be better than impressing your dinner guests with homemade Feta with pita chips, or that Feta Spinach Olive Pie recipe that incorporates it!

  • FRAY
The recipes in this book are categorized from easy to expert. It starts out easy and progresses. It clearly states how difficult and how much time each recipe takes. It makes each recipe seem very do-able. It gives just the right amount of history and info to make the cheese interesting. I love this book. It's not just a recipe book, it's a home course on cheese-making.
  • Venemarr
Great book if you are thinking about trying to make cheese in your own kitchen. My husband has used it to make several batches of cheese and the recipes are easy to follow and have turned out very tasty!
  • Inerrace
One of several books that my wife has found to help her with homemade cheesemaking. For those interested, this one is also quite worth looking for.
  • Little Devil
This book shall get you started in home cheesemaking. It is well written it is clear and it has lots of beautiful pictures. It contains a little less info than the similar book authored by Carroll. Buy one or the other.
  • Runemane
Highly recommend this book. Liked the price we paid for it. Update: 2015 We highly recommend this book for making cheese, We used our goat milk and made white cheddar and the Romano, feta, ricotta. It is well written, great photos and easy to use. We have given it a gift to fellow goat people to enjoy as well.
  • Ice_One_Guys
good book, excellent condition and promp delivery.
  • Dusar
I've been making cheese at home for about 3 years. I've taken recipes from many sources and am now trying recipes against each other trying to fine tune what I like and how to get there. This book excels at holding your hand as a beginner. There are reasons spelled out about what can go wrong and at what steps that I truly appreciated. My favorite part are the yellow boxes found at the start of each recipe. How long is this going to take? Can I do this? Look I milk a cow once a week and I need to figure out will I have time to make a specific recipe or should I refrigerate and wait to start until tomorrow.

Here is an example for making a yellow aged cheddar.
Level: Medium ( a process with a number of steps, requiring some acquired skill, patience, and pacing)
Start to Finish: About 8 hours from start to cheese press, 24 hours in the press, 3 days drying, 45 days to 6 months for ageing.
Best Use: Good table and cooking cheese
Storage: Keeps for up to 2 months after cutting in an airtight container in the refrigerator
Yield: About 2 pounds

There are details provided here that when you are working alone and panic there are the answers.

When you are enthralled enough with cheese to the point that you are making it yourself you will start collecting many different volumes and I encourage you to add this to your arsenal.
Have made several of the cheese recipes. They are easy to follow, time lines given are accurate excellent product. We have goats so have milk to use to make the cheese with, but they give ideas for using store bought milk too. There are even recipes to make cheese out of the whey so you don't waste anything! I love it. As a homeschooling, homemaking mom, any book that can teach me a trick or two is worth the money spent. You can visit my website at[...] for other Amazon books that I really like.