» » Along the High Road: A Guide to the Scenic Route Between Espanola and Taos, New Mexico

Along the High Road: A Guide to the Scenic Route Between Espanola and Taos, New Mexico by Margaret M. Nava

Along the High Road: A Guide to the Scenic Route Between Espanola and Taos, New Mexico
Along the High Road: A Guide to the Scenic Route Between Espanola and Taos, New Mexico
Margaret M. Nava
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Sunstone Press (December 1, 2003)
120 pages
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The road between Espanola and Taos, New Mexico, commonly referred to as the 'High Road to Taos,' covers a distance of about fifty miles and passes through many northern frontier settlement towns. Because of the speed limit and road conditions, a trip along this road usually takes three hours although some drivers do it in less. They drive serpentine roads, look at quaint houses and magnificent scenery, and depart content that they have driven through a fascinating area. But the High Road is more than just a scenic road trip; it is a journey through the lives of the people, past and present, who-tied to the earth, fiercely independent, and staunchly Catholic-settled a hostile land, created a new life for themselves, and became the moral fiber of New Mexico. This book gives readers a brief glimpse into the lives, beliefs, and arts of these people and offers suggestions about sights and accommodations for travelers willing to take enough time to discover the beauty and mysteries hidden in the small towns Along the High Road.

  • Saithinin
Unfortunately this is not much of a book for such a glorious subject.Glad that I purchased this used.If one were to encounter this new,flip through it and then looked at the almost $18.00 cover price,one would gasp for air and then walk away. The book gives only a summary treatment of some of the highlights of the High Road,while missing many others,the black and white photos are amateurish to say the least,and the info contained in no way makes you want to get up and go.I've seen better 3-4 page articles in New Mexico Magazine that put this entire book to shame,the writing and heaven knows the photography.
  • White gold
I would have said a waste of time, but it only takes about 45 minutes to read the entire book, cover to cover. If you want the cliff notes on travel in New Mexico, I guess this would kind of be the book for you-- even though it's a little brief for that, too.

I'm really just perplexed as to the point of this book. The small amount of actual writing in the book is fine, and the pictures are kind of quaint and rustic, but the book doesn't really TELL you anything. About anything. There is a paragraph on most topics. You will find out stuff like: there is indigenous pottery, weaving and metal-working in New Mexico. Or that you can find good southwestern food, with chilies, and that they are one of the state's contributions to American cuisine. Et cetera.

Buy the "The Hidden New Mexico" book (can't recall the author) if you are looking for a nice overview of interesting sites in the state. It may not turn over a huge amount of anything too 'hidden,' but it is a nice guidebook for pretty much any taste.
  • fightnight
A friend of mine recommended that I read "Along the High Road". I had mentioned that New Mexico was one state that we had not spent much time in as we traveled by motorhome. The book sure opened my eyes, not only to what New Mexico has to offer, but how much we probably have missed by hurrying thru other states.

Margaret really does a grand job in not only telling of the history of the area between Espanola and Taos, but also what awaits today's traveler who takes the time to "smell the roses". Great book and waiting for more from Margaret.
  • Umrdana
I loved this book even though I was a little put off by the bland cover. I know we all know the saying "Don't judge a book...." and I'm glad I didn't go by the saying because I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it to be filled with insightful facts and stories that I haven't read elsewhere. This was a great buy and a fascinating and very useful book. Anyone traveling to this area would greatly benenfit from reading this well written book.