Trinity by William DeNisi

William DeNisi
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PublishAmerica (July 20, 2004)
390 pages
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A series of murders occur. Human organs are being harvested for the lucrative black market trade, the proceeds going to fund terrorist activities in the U.S. Invoking national security, the FBI steps in and clamps a veil of secrecy. Simultaneously, fanatical Muslim terrorists conspire to bring a new crushing series of blows to the Great Satan of America. In a small warehouse in Orange County, several dirty radiological bombs are assembled. Co-conspirators smuggle in a small soviet artillery tactical nuke. Their plan is to detonate all the devices on Christmas Eve.Detective Mike Sullivan, a former intelligence agent, and friend Charlie Gomez are enlisted to conduct a sub-rosa investigation of the organ theft murders. Through good police work and blind luck Sullivan and Gomez manage to unravel the plot and race the clock in a heart-seizing attempt to stop the most devastating attacks on mainland America since 9/11.

  • Vit
"Trinity", William DeNisi, Baltimore, PublishAmerica, 2004 ISBN 1-4137-2455-8 (ppk), 390 pp. I read a lot, enjoy good fiction, but DeNisi's "Trinity" stands tall as one of those all too rarely encountered 3-dimensional stories that starts out like a rain shower and suddenly you're engulfed and assimilated in a storm you must parse to the last sentence.

DeNisi's 3-decades as a real-life cop (rookie to Chief) plus FBI training gives authenticity to his character development for the interweave of three seemingly unrelated events of serial murder for organ-harvesting, discovery of illicit harmful radioactive rods in harbour waters, and linkage to Muslim terrorist bomb-building activity in Orange County, California. In a nutshell, Det. Sgt. Mike Sullivan and affluent friend Charlie Gomez collude with FBI SA Doug McClure to untangle and solve the above chilling conspiracies and menacing detonation deadlines planned for Christmas Eve. But wait, there's more -- a lot more: there's SA Audrey of AEC for some romance, and wierdo Joseph Tur...but No! It is now your turn to read...a book not easily put down, having just the right rhythm and tempo to keep the story intense, characters inviting and both eyes wide open and pulse a bit rapid. An inveiglement might be a map of Southern California, imprimis Orange County. I, and you also, will be looking forward to more books by this eloquent author. A movie "Trinity" would be awesome.
  • Nawenadet
Bill Denisi's Trinity is a story about the possibility of terrorism once again hitting American soul, and of the two detectives, Sullivan and Gomez, who race against time to prevent it. It's a quickly moving story that will draw you in and keep you flipping pages into the middle of the night. Denisi's real life experience in law enforcement and his knowledge of investigative techniques really shines through in this work, adding credibility to the story and making it all that more intriguing. The backstory provided for the terrorists adds another interesting angle to Trinity, demonstrating Bill's ability to look at many sides of a situation and weave them into a cohesive tale. When the last page is turned -- which may very well happen at two in the morning while your spouse sleeps beside you in bed -- you'll be glad you discovered the world of Sullivan and Gomez.
  • Kemath
I have the same last name as the hero of the story, and wish I knew him - Mike Sullivan is very much a "Dirk Pitt" (Clive Cussler's main character) kind of guy, only with more mystery surrounding his previous life. Hopefully, the author will delve into that in a sequel.

I enjoyed and could identify with the Southern California scenery described (Newport Beach, Garden Grove, John Wayne Airport, Balboa Yacht Club, Disneyland, etc.), and found the story fast-moving and scarily realistic in this post 9/11 life. This could make a good movie.
  • Llallayue
As a retired cop myself I can appreciate the insite that Mr. Denisi has shown when writing this book. He takes you right to the action just like it really is on the street and at the scene of the crime. He must have done tons of research to get the info in this book that leads the reader straight to the heart of the drama. His characters are real and the story is so possible it is frightening. A real deal for 2004 -- excitement on excitement.