Ataska by Shamari Roberson

Shamari Roberson
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Genre Fiction
AuthorHouse (October 22, 2007)
208 pages
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Ataska by Shamari Roberson
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It is 1865 in the United States, otherwise known as the Reconstruction Period, and Sergeant Major Edward T. Baker, a black man born in Natchitoches, Louisiana, escaped to the north from slavery in the Deep South to enlist in the Ninth Cavalry Regiment. But as a young Buffalo Soldier, Edward would soon find out that his newfound freedom wouldn't come without a high price to pay in the end.Deep in the plains of Kansas, Edward astride his horse Ataska, must aid the United States in their disposal of Comanche warriors and the much feared Elk Dog Soldiers. But, when not clashing with hostiles, Ed seeks comfort in the arms of his beautiful lover, Yolanda Melancon, a Comanche-African woman who also escaped slavery.Will prejudice and bigotry of the Reconstruction Period kill the love these two people feel for one another? This piece digs deep into the lives of Black Americans serving in the United States military. Drawing from historical facts, Roberson acknowledges the real trials and tribulations these brave soldiers were faced with in their daily lives, making Edward T. Baker a compelling hero and Ataska an exciting new addition to the world of historical fiction.

  • Blackbeard
This book demonstrates very careful historical investigation, including autobiographical search into a family of Native American and Afrian American sources. It appears to be accurate, and presents information that was new to this reader. It is a challenging, but mesmerizing story. I could hardly put it down when I was reading it. It is very descriptive, but this was necessary to convey the felling of the story. I highly reccomend it to adult readers.
  • Cordabor
This is a very well written book on black history that as a black person don't get to see are read a lot anymore. I hope there is another book to follow is maybe even a movie, for some whom never done this before congratulations s to you on a fantastic job... Can't wait to read your next book

Theresa J