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A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

A Walk to Remember
A Walk to Remember
Nicholas Sparks
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Genre Fiction
Bantam Books (Transworld Publishers a division of the Random House Group) (January 1, 2001)
229 pages
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Set in North Carolina in the late 1950s, this is a deeply moving story of two people discovering love for the first time and the changes this inevitably has on their lives.

  • Tamesya
When I first noticed that A Walk To Remember was a book, and not only a movie, you can imagine I was more than thrilled. I absolutely loved the movie and it was the movie I always turn to when I need a good cry. I immediately looked at the reviews posted online. I was sadden to notice that there were a lot of mixed reviews regarding the differences between the movie and the book. So, I was hesitant to buy and read it, because I didn't want to end up not enjoying the story and the way it was written. I waited about three weeks before I gave in and ordered it. I read it all in one siting (which isn't that much of an achievement, considering it is only 200 pages long). I loved the story. I liked how in the movie, they made it their own and did change the way the characters, especially Jamie, was depicted. I came to notice that although they are about the same story, they have their differences and it isn't fair to compare them. I think if you stop comparing them, you will see how great of a book it truly is. It made me cry and laugh and feel all sorts of emotions, I haven't sorted out yet. Long story short, read the book. It is amazing and you will be glad you did.
  • Kekinos
“There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well.”

I knew what I was getting myself into when I started A Walk to Remember but I still experienced every heart wrenching emotion known to mankind. Right off the bat, I love how the book was set in the 1950s. It was refreshing to read a contemporary with no trace of modern technology. Compared to the movie, I prefer how Landon and Jamie met in the book. I think Landon’s inner dialogue played a huge part in that. Especially when he fought with himself to either be a good person vs. keeping your image. Every page I turned, I saw his character develop through the influences of Jamie and himself. After I finished, I HAD to watch the movie and what a big difference it was. I definitely saw the movie in a different light.
  • Gagas
This novel is Nicholas Sparks at his very best. Crisp writing, fleshed out characters, beautiful settings, a flawed male protagonist and extremely antagonistic circumstances that pull the reader into the narrative. Here again, a couple from opposite ends of the track, conjure up the strength for their love to withstand the test of time.. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Era
A coming of age tale by a young man, Landon, who with his friends, laughed and joked about the local preacher and his daughter being raised by him. The year is 1958. Landon signs up for drama class because he thought it would be "easy". He is then asked to play the lead in the Christmas play by Jamie, the preacher's daughter, the other lead in the play. As Landon spends time with Jamie, he realizes that she's the kindest, most caring person, in the world. Slowly Landon becomes a more sensitive person himself. A tear jerker for sure, but a story not to be quickly forgotten.
  • Grari
`A Walk to Remember' is one of those novels that I can unapologetically admit I know inside and out. In fact, this was the first Nicholas Sparks novel that caught my attention, after having viewed the movie of the same name starring Mandy Moore and Shane West. I have forever been a huge Mandy Moore fan and after I watched said movie, I had to get my hands on the book that inspired it. There is no doubt that there is quite some difference between the two, and this is partly due to the nature of the target audience the two formats are reaching out to. However, the foundations of this amazing tale are still the same.
The reason why this novel has touched me so is that I was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, an autoimmune disorder that has affected my bone marrow (in a similar way to leukaemia) at exactly the same age as the lead character, Jamie Sullivan, was diagnosed with acute leukaemia. Seeing the film really helped me to realise that I was most certainly not alone with my condition and here was something I could relate to. After reading the book, Sparks' novel really helped me to put my life into context and to share my experience with those who have been in similar situations, whilst spreading the word of this rare condition that has greatly affected my life.
The novel itself is based on Sparks' own observations within his family life, and Jamie Sullivan is said to be based on his sister, who went through a similar tale but ultimately passed away. As the preface promises, `first you will smile, then you will cry', which is no bad thing. I am not going to go in to too much detail surrounding the plot of the novel as I believe a lot of people reading this review will either already be familiar with it, and for those who aren't it isn't something worth spoiling. Several themes and messages pervade throughout the book, including a sense of Christian kinship, growing up, forgiveness and, ultimately, love. `A Walk to Remember' is an unforgettable coming-of-age tale that will undoubtedly make you cry, laugh and beg for more.
  • Malalanim
After seeing the movie several times, I thought I would read the book, since most of the time the books that movies are based on are generally better than the movie. I was disappointed in this book. This may have been one of Nicholas Sparks' youngest novels, because I have read much better novels from this author.