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Bitter Blood (Vampire Legacy, #2) by Karen E. Taylor

Bitter Blood (Vampire Legacy, #2)
Bitter Blood (Vampire Legacy, #2)
Karen E. Taylor
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Genre Fiction
Zebra; 2nd Printing edition (October 1, 1998)
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In the second installment of the trilogy, vampire Deirdre returns to New York City only to discover that a band of vampires has taken her ex-lover, Detective Mitch Greer, captive to avenge the death of their leader and she must make a choice--turn Mitch into an immortal creature or let him die. Reissue.

  • Dont_Wory
This book was just as campy and wonderful as the first installment in the series, Blood Secrets. I liked that there were more vampires in this book, though I wished they had come into the picture a little sooner; I liked Dierdre's dynamic with them. I guess I'll just have to read the next novel, Blood Ties, to get my fix...
  • Cel
My "used, good condition" book arrived with the bottoms of four pages ripped out and discarded. Of course, I didn't find out until I was on page 276 that the bottoms of pages 277-280 were missing. That's a crappy thing to do to an avid reader nearing the end of the story, at the point where everything is being explained!!!!
  • Bil
What a fantastice book. This picks up two years after the first book ends. Deirdre gets word that Mitch in a hospital for the insane, and she hops the next flight back to the states to help him. Little does show know that Mitch is being used as bait for Deirdre. It seems that there is a vampire clan that's after Dierdre for killing their master.
This book is wonderful. Ther are so many plot twists that it will keep the reader engaged. At the end of the book, something happens to Mitch and Deirdre has to turn Mitch into a vampire. This isn't spoiling anything, one can read this on the backcover.
What I liked is that Max has returned. What made this so powerful in the book is that the reader will not be sure if Max is really back. As I was reading, I was wondering if Max had a very stong bond to Deirdre, a bond that death couldn't berak or if Max was a symbol of guilt for what Deirdre did to Max.
There are a couple of reasons wha I really like this book. The first thing that that Deirdre leans more about being a vampire. The other reason why I like this book is that it set's up the third.
Before you read this book, you need to read the first book. If you read this first, you may become lost. I highly suggest this series, you won't be sorry.