Re'enev by Mike Maranhas

Mike Maranhas
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Action & Adventure
Pink Granite Productions; 1 edition (December 1, 2006)
252 pages
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Luke and Meesha Ferless, college sweethearts now professionals in their thirties, are hiking in a rain forest far from civilization. Their vacation to the idyllic island, Re'enev, is a major step toward rejuvenating what was once a beautiful marriage--a marriage whose decline, due to Luke's betrayal, prompted Meesha to attempt suicide. While hiking, they unknowingly venture into forbidden territory. When they separate briefly in the dense flora, Meesha vanishes.

Tragedy has separated Luke and Meesha once, emotionally; they were beginning to heal. Now it has struck again, this time physically. Luke has to find her; but the elements are against him while his mind, his only ally, can also be an enemy.

Mainstream fiction spiced with mystery, romance and suspence, Re'enev captures both the beauty and fragility of marital love and human life. The story is unique in the way it conjoins an urbane couple with primitive danger, blissful sensuality with unbridled brutality, and a cerebral protagonist with a world that seems to lack reason; then, the conclusion brings unexpected redemption, but with a stunning twist and a lethal caveat. Re'enev is that rare novel that appeals across genders and genres with its intense plot, poetic prose, sharp dialogue, and candid depiction of the human psyche through relationships, crises, perceptions, and emotions--most notably, love and fear.

Selected by Independent Publisher Magazine as a Highlighted Title of the Year.

Selected by Foreward Magazine as a finalist for its General Fiction Book of the Year.

  • Anararius
This is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You feel like you are right there in the jungle with Luke, routing for him to succeed, wondering what he will encounter in the next step. I found myself literally holding my breath throughout parts of this book, couldn't read fast enough to see what was going to happen. It is unpredictable, fast-paced, action-packed, full of complicated emotions, with many unexpected twists and turns. You actually experience Luke's desparation as he tries to save Meesha, his feelings of guilt, responsibility, and helplessness as he risks his life to find her. When it ends, you want to continue reading to see what happens next!
  • Vuzahn
"I just finished reading RE'ENEV, and I'm exhausted! Mike Maranhas grabbed me like a bulldog, and didn't turn me loose until the last page! The author's own character, Luke Ferless, describes it best: Everything "happened so fast that I felt carried, as if riding a fatalistic piggy back" through a "barbed wire gauntlet . . . " What a read!"

Joy Balmer
  • grand star
They met in college, knew they were in love and got married. They had an idyllic union until Luke's brother died in a senseless accident. He withdraws from his wife Meesha, whose insecurities of abandonment turn her into a shrew. Meesha confronts him about a woman named Sandy at work when he comes home smelling of her scent. He goes off on Meesha, telling her the ugly things he feels about her.

When he awakens in the middle of the night Meesha is not in the bed. He finds her in the cellar bleeding from self-inflicted wounds. They work to save their marriage and Meesha gets therapy and they get therapy as a couple as well. To cement their new beginning they fly to the Pacific island of Re'Enev with the blessing of their counselor. Luke persuades Meesha to explore the jungle with him only tragedy strikes on the isolated trail and she is badly injured. Luke tries to get help but he has difficulties of his own; without a miracle, both will die.

Great characterizations, a fast paced plot, an exotic locale and a touch of intrigue make RE'ENEV a novel that will appeal to readers who like mainstream fiction, romance and suspense. The two protagonists are so realistic that readers know people like them. Luke makes some bad decisions and finding a way out of his dilemmas take all the courage and fortitude he possesses, which is plenty, but may not prove enough.

Harriet Klausner
  • Bele
In RE'ENEV, Mike Maranhas has written of a man living in a modern civilized world where his character Luke reasons and philosophies his world,marriage and his very existence.
At times his reflections are reminiscent of Schopenhaurs theories of the world as an idea; that nothing exist except as we perceive it in our minds.
He then takes his reflective civilized man out of his world and places him on the island of RE'ENEV where all sense of reason is gone and Luke reverts to his primal instincts of survival.
In my opinion novels are written to entertain or make us think.RE"ENEV makes one think.
Mike Maranhas has shown in RE"ENEV that he is a talented writer and I hope he has saved some of what he has to say for another book.
My only criticism is the ending.I felt it was kind of flat and confusing.
I could also do with a few less F words.
Great work Mike and please give us more.
  • Simple
I knew when I came home from work today, I would have to finish this book tonight. And I just did. How could I stop? I'm not a writer, but I am a reader, and I can tell you that Mike Maranhas has a wonderful gift: the gift of expression, of writing creatively, and of probing intellectually. This book is truly thought provoking! I liked the way the writing drew me into Luke (the protagonist), the way Mike Maranhas wove the story, letting the reader see what was going through Luke's mind.

There are so many books and they simply tell a story. Re'enev is different. There are so many aspects to it: humanity, love, danger (yes, blood and guts), human spirit, raw emotions, and those all-too-personal-thoughts that one rarely lets others see and how they affect our everyday lives. But the way Mike Maranhas describes them, the words he uses, are fantastic. For example, on page 9: " I found myself face-to-spirit with the most beautiful woman I had ever shared oxygen with in my life. The windows to her being ...." I could go on and on.

The most honest review I can give for this book is by simply asking a question: When will the next one be ready?

I know I will have to go back and read this one again. I know there is much that I missed. And the end was different. I liked it. It's not your usual ending.
  • Roram
Re'enev was a pleasure to read, tightly written and evocative thoughout. The ending of the book, though a surprise, was right on, I thought. Good books don't always have a pat answer, and I assume that part of the author's goal is to stimulate the reader's imagination. If the book solves everything, there is no reason to go back and reflect on thoughts, motivation and the impact of actions which led to the ending, and to conjecture what might have altered the final pages. The ending of Re'enev, which is unclear as to whether it may lead to another beginning, made perfect sense in light of the character delineation.

From the very beginning and even before I started the book I had fun with the "Re'enev/veneer" concept and so read the veneer into every thing - the veneer the protagonists had developed to hide their basic insecurities, the veneer covering and protecting Luke and Meesha's marriage, the veneer that the island and its people displayed in hiding its secrets, the veneer with thich civilization has enveloped modern man - all of which proved to be something which would melt away under "heat".

Congratulations to Mr. Maranhas on a stunning first novel. Here's hoping he won't make us wait long for a second book.