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Side-Fx by Scott Tokar,Harrison J. Carroll

Scott Tokar,Harrison J. Carroll
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Corporate-FX, Inc.; 51583rd edition (May 2004)
224 pages
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Side-Fx provides health-care professionals with the knowledge to perform magical effects with everyday exam room objects. These techniques are specifically designed to divert a childs mind from the many fears associated with a visit to their doctor. By creating a surprise-filled, magical atmosphere for the patient, habitual nervousness and concern is overcome by wonder, magic and amazement!

* Magic Effects Designed for the Medical Professional. * Everyday Medical Devices Become MAGICAL! * Reduce Patient's Anxiety. * Break the Ice & Build Rapport. * Ease and Expedite the Exam Time. * 50+ Effects with over 150 Illustrations.

  • Enone
Very Nice Book. Came Promptly.
  • olgasmile
This book was a great idea, and long overdue! Apparently it is not officially released yet, but I had the opportunity to see a copy of the book that the author had with him at a convention. It is very well written and the illustrations (line drawings) are presented clearly. As noted, the effects performed all use common materials present in any medical office and are relatively simple to perform (if you have enough dexterity to work in medicine, you can pull of these effects!)
While this is geared mostly toward reducing the anxiety of pediatric patients, it would probably brighten just about anyone's day. I highly recommend this book if you can find it.
  • Agamaginn
Anyone in the medical profession who deals with children on a daily basis will tell you that kids don't like coming to the doctor. They don't like being examined and they certainly don't like the white coats. So anything that can help ease their anxiety is a welcome asset. Tokar provides such a tool.

He describes several simple magic tricks using common clinic items that are easy to learn and sure to have a lasting impact on your younger patients, putting them at ease in the exam room, making the exam easier and certainly alleviating their future fears. This is well worth the time and the effort.
  • Eng.Men
Scott and Harrison have come up with a creative and fun solution towards maximizing the doctor/patient relationship, especially with pediatrics. This simple and easy to follow book and companion DVD is a must have for doctors working with children but even adults will enjoy the magic. And these tricks are not just for doctors, anyone can do it. And it especially helps with those difficult times when immunizations for the under 10 crowd are a must!

Great job Scott and Harrison!
  • Keath
If you work in healthcare, this book is a fun resource that will help you inject fun into your interactions with patients. I love magic, and was impressed by the level of the tricks taught in this book. They aren't silly - some of them are actually professional level! I liked the clear illustrations. They make the tricks easy to learn, even if you've never opened a "magic book" before. Tokar and Carroll knew exactly who their target audience was when they wrote this: medical professionals. If you want to win over your patients fast, this book is definitely for you.
  • Cerana
My name is Greg Kuhn and I work for my father, Dr. Clifford Kuhn, America's Laugh Doctor. Dr. Kuhn retired as the Associate Chair of the acclaimed University of Louisville School of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry in order to devote all his time and energy to spread a vital message: Fun is the key to our optimal health and success! I write all this to qualify myself; I am quite familiar with this field. Side-Fx is indispensible for anyone working in the health care field - especially if you work with children. Having the ability to reduce the tension of a waiting room and the subsequent exam is a priceless resource and results in happier, healthier patients. Every health care provider's office in America should have a copy of this excellent resource!
  • Kalrajas
This is a good, fun read; very light and very quick. It's ideal to dip into and some of the items I'll certainly use. However, most I won't. Or, more to the point, can't. Many of the effects in here require too much preparation with secret gimmicks etc. The cut and restored stethoscope is great... but unfortunately quite inpractical. Many of these effects would be ideal for the HCP that has their own office or consult room. For the wards or A&E, many of these are just too lengthy. They are simply the same magic tricks that many magicians perform but the author's have attempted to make them work by substituting the materials for that of medical equipment, with no regard to the surroundings. A great book and I would probably buy it again, but expected way too much.
A simple magic trick can pull a patient's attention away from the stressors of the clinical and take them to a realm of possibilities - a realm of hope, humor and trust. We hospital clowns do it all the time. Here is a book written for medical staff using "stuff" that is just around the clinic. This fabulous book will give medical staff enough "know how" to be able to use magic to enter this playful relationship. Can you find a better realm in which to practice your medicine? -- Shobi Dobi, Editor of The Hospital Clown Newsletter