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Child Development Value Package (includes MyDevelopmentLab with E-Book Student Access ) (8th Edition) by Laura E. Berk

Child Development Value Package (includes MyDevelopmentLab with E-Book Student Access ) (8th Edition)
Child Development Value Package (includes MyDevelopmentLab with E-Book Student Access ) (8th Edition)
Laura E. Berk
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Pearson; 8th edition (August 27, 2008)
648 pages
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  • Yramede
I purchased this book for a Child Development Course. It is easy to understand, while reading, and highlight concepts clearly but in depth. This book is loose-leaf, which I personally didn't have a problem with, but make sure you also purchase a binder to place the pages in.
  • Joony
I used this textbook for my Childhood/Adolescent developmental psychology class that I took this past semester, and overall it was a pretty good book. I read the majority of this book, and pretty much every subject was well covered except for a few certain areas that my professor generally filled in extra notes for during lecture. The tone the author takes with this book is a nice breath of fresh air - instead of focusing on being completely formal in her writing, Berk tries to lighten up the mood by introducing personal anecdotes and other language that makes this subject more approachable. For the most part, when she does this, it succeeds. But I would almost have liked if she had used it more because certain parts of the book do seem to drag on (although this seems almost necessary with the pure amount of subject matter covered).

This isn't the BEST textbook I've ever used, but it is certainly a very decent example of how to write an approachable and useful psychology textbook. 4 stars.
  • Akelevar
This was a book I needed for a class, but aside from that I learned SO MUCH!!! Such a good into book - very clear, great examples, perfect amount of detail. I loved the cross-cultural comparisons, not just within North America, but this book talks about how children grow up all over the world! Really interesting, I'm keeping this textbook instead of selling it back, I love it that much
  • Togar
The book was okay. Can use updating and the teacher disregarded a lot of info that was “incorrect”.
  • Nalmezar
I bought a used version. Its as promised and no surprises within the textbook itself. So I would buy again . Good for low budget and broke college students lol
  • Agalen
I used this book for a child psychology course, and I really enjoyed reading the textbook. The book flows well, and is easy to understand. This would be a great reference for any parent-to-be to have on hand, but make sure you have the latest edition, as research in child development is constantly evolving.
  • MisterMax
It is a great reminder and more, although the teacher has an older version that explains in a more precise manner for the type of subject being covevered.
This is one of the more difficult to read textbooks I have ever used. I appreciate that the author demonstrates the usage and findings of research throughout the book, but each chapter reads like a jumbled summary of studies, and it's hard to glean actual, useful information about developing children from the whole mess. If I give one piece of feedback on the course I'm taking once I finish, it will be that a different text be used.