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Avatar of night: The hidden side of Sai Baba by Tal Brooke (author)

Avatar of night: The hidden side of Sai Baba
Avatar of night: The hidden side of Sai Baba
Tal Brooke (author)
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Vikas Publishing House PVT LTD (1982)
392 pages
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  • Qumenalu
Excellent book. I ordered it after I read "Riders of the Cosmic Circuit" by the same author, which was so good, I was unable to get away from it until I finished reading it. These books offer an insight into the occult forces working behind the scenes of this huge theatre that is the word we live in. We can see the results of the actions of these forces unfolding in our present life, and looming over the future of humanity. Through excellent writing style, great descriptions, enticing action, this is a depiction of the journey of a man in search of spirituality, of wholeness, his immersion in mysticism in India, his experience up to and on the threshold of enlightenment, and beyond.
  • Braswyn
I picked up this book in college at a friend's house. I had an hour or two to kill so I skimmed through it and found the book fascinating. I put the book down with the idea that I would get my own copy and read it soon.

Well, about 15 years later, I finally got around to buying the book and reading it. First, I consider the book a credible eye witness account of the "dark side" doing false miracles and seemingly magical things, which for me is a big plus as I dive into researching the fortean realm. Tal is a Christian, and this book explains how he got saved while at the same time doesn't get to preachy, which I really liked.

All in all a great and fascinating read. If you want to read about an up close and personal account of the subtile side of satanic forces at work and the power of an almighty God, but not a book full of lame christianese, this book will be for you.
  • Cesar
This is a great book! It takes you through 2 years in Tal Brooke's life during which he sought enlightenment and the answers to life's questions. He traveled to India, was a disciple of Sai Baba, and explains his teachings to the reader. He met a Christian couple who told him the truth of God's word and it changed his life. At the end of the book, he gives the best account of the truth of God's Word better than I have ever heard or read. He came back to America and started "Spiritual Counterfeits" society -- a group which exposes false teachers and false teaching.
  • Marad
The book starts by a fascinating story about a youth {the author} in USA who lives in the time of chaos {the 50 to 80} and his spiritual search leads him through the basics of East Asiatic religions namely Hinduism and Budhism and related teachings. He lives 2 years together with Sai Baba in India . Baba is one of the most strange "Holy" mans of India. Tal Brooke finally discover the demonic nature of this and all similar teachings ! In short the Christian/Biblical view of Good versus Evil he discovers is fundamentally different from ANY other religion ! While the book is probably the most interesting I have seen it is also scary in the extreme.
  • Quellik
Great insight from someone who was in the inner circle of a man who thought himself to be a god. Fortunately, he escaped from this lunacy through God's grace to find out there is only one God.
  • Bolv
I loved this book. The story really draws you in and it has a great ending. Even more impactful since it's a true story
  • Niwield
I couldn't wait to read this book because I was really seeking answers on who Sai Baba is. As a former hindu, I really needed to know, because my parents continue to believe in him. He proclaims himself to be god, but Brooke's book reveals his true nature: the modern antichrist. "The Lord of the Air", also by Brooke, is an older version of this book, but the millenial edition has more pictures and makes the reading more interesting.
Whoops. I should have paid more attention when I picked this book up. Didn't realize where the author was coming from and what his agenda was. My bad.

I was looking for something that explored the guru-disciple relationship (and associated dangers) but I got something quite different. I actually made it through most of the book but began skimming towards the end as the writing style became one-dimensional -- almost comic-book like. The author got a bit carried away with his description of the of demon-controlled guru :)

Ultimately, I think this book said more about the author than the guru he followed. The protagonist came off as a narcissistic ego maniac who knew more than everyone else (until he didn't), had a change of heart, and then once more knew more than everyone else. No lesson learned - just the same person with a different belief system.