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A Practical Study of Argument by Trudy Govier

A Practical Study of Argument
A Practical Study of Argument
Trudy Govier
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Cengage Learning; 6 edition (May 11, 2004)
480 pages
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Govier's THE PRACTICAL STUDY OF ARGUMENT provides students with a practical, unpatronizing, and academically serious introduction to sound argumentation. Presenting enough theory to explain why certain kinds of arguments are good or bad and enough illustrations and examples to show how such theory is brought to life in everyday practice, the text provides the student with a comprehensive introduction to critical thinking and some of the basics of formal logic.

  • Vudomuro
This book is only a small part of the book that has been presented in many editions but Amazon fails to indicate this fact. In its identification of this book, it omits the subtitle that implies it is just a part of the book (in lower-case letters, as follows): "for selected sections of PHIL 160 Critical Thinking".
  • HeonIc
Govier was (as far as I know) the first author to base a text on the ARG criterion for argument analysis and evaluation. It has since been picked up by Ed Damer and others. I used the first edition of this as an undergraduate at Waterloo, and 20 years later, I am happy to see it is still in print. The book is a thorough systematic treatment of its subject, and as close to technically perfect as you can get for an intro text. I refer to it while I am conducting my own classes in Critical Thinking. It's topical focus is perhaps tighter than some instructors may want. Fans of the Brookfield "challenging assumptions" model of critical thinking may find it lacking in treatment of some of the "soft skills" related to belief transformation. What it does though, it does very well, and therefore rates 5 stars.
That said, the only potential issue with the book is that it was initially conceived as a text for Canadian undergraduates in the early 1980s. That is an issue for American undergraduates in 2004 because (a) reading comprehension skills of Canadian undergraduates tends to be a bit higher and (b) reading comprehension skills on both sides of the border have declined noticably over the last 20 years.
Since Govier has not "dumbed down" the book for each revision, students may find that their high school education has not adequately prepared them to read at the college level of reading required to digest this book and its material.
  • Lyrtois
Had to buy for class. Excercises in the book helped for class quizzes but usefulness depends on your professor. College class teaching elementary-middle school stuff.
  • Dalallador
It was as expected. Thank you!
  • Prorahun
The book is a great introduction to logic and reasoning. It has numerous examples that explain the concepts really well. The sections on fallacies were personally my favorite. 4/5
  • Enila
It wasn't missing any pages, and I was able to use it just fine in my Philosophy class. It was not at all in disappointing condition.
  • Rko
This sender is the dopest of dope. The book was sent crisp, clean, and fresh in the package. It is the best price for any college textbook ever so you better get it... no argument.
this book sucks