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Biology: The Science of Life (4th Edition) by Robert J. Ferl,Robert A. Wallace

Biology: The Science of Life (4th Edition)
Biology: The Science of Life (4th Edition)
Robert J. Ferl,Robert A. Wallace
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Science & Mathematics
Harpercollins College Div; 4 edition (January 7, 1997)
43 pages
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A comprehensive text providing a current study of genetics, molecular biology, and immunology. This fourth edition has a new illustration programme developed by a group of science textbook artists. The book moves from the cellular level to molecular biology, heredity, and evolution, so as to prepare students for later discussions about micro-organisms, plants and animals.

  • Diredefender
I needed a biology textbook to refresh for the biology CLEP test and this one served me well and at a great discount. Between taking the CLEP exam and using an older textbook I spent under 120.00 for the college biology credit at a 4 year university and did not have to spend 3 months in class or labs or spend 1000.00+ in tuition. Thanks Amazon for providing older editions of textbooks.
  • Mr_Mix
Though I am not the right person for reviewing this book, I take this oppurtunity on behalf of my friend who is an associate professor of Zoology. He likes this book very much and he requested me to order one for him.

He rates this book as an extremely wonderful resource in the subject.
  • Marinara
A good book to allow one to appreciate many of the wonders and the complexity of life. More of an educational and informative read.
  • 6snake6
A very accessible introduction to biology. My 15yr old son is enjoying it immensely.
  • Ndav
Older edition gave me more insight on how processes worked, so its a good reference. Great to see other examples as well to help understand.
  • Thetalen
As a fellow bio student to others I have but only one thing to say, Give me a break!! Do you know how long the book is ?!?!? And do you know how thick this book is?? If you are in AP bio, you have to know every single page by heart ! Ok, honestly, this book is good and probably the best AP bio book there is, just be sure to read this book over the summer to get the information. One test is 60 pages of text in this book. The book is also very comprehensive.
  • Brialelis
I love this book! It is just the opposite of what most biology books are. It is enjoyable! Throughout the book, I was learning, looking at the beautiful pictures, and laughing. I have yet to see a better, more entertaining non-fiction book. Thank you, Robert A. Wallace, my life has been greatly enriched by the reading of this book.
"Biology: The Science of Life" is an extremely valuable guide to a thorough and complete understanding of basic biological concepts. In AP Bio, it not only helped me through the class, but caused me to permanently fall in love with biology. I'd love to meet the authors to thank them in person for this wonderful book. I'll buy it, because it will always offer me a connection to my first, playful, yet professional encounter with biology.