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Roman Women (Cambridge Introduction to Roman Civilization) by Eve D'Ambra

Roman Women (Cambridge Introduction to Roman Civilization)
Roman Women (Cambridge Introduction to Roman Civilization)
Eve D'Ambra
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Cambridge University Press; 1 edition (December 25, 2006)
238 pages
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In-depth textbook study of the everyday lives of the women of ancient Rome.

  • Yozshunris
D'Ambra surveys the role of women in Roman society in four main areas: Gender and Status, Marriage and the Family, Women's Work, and Public Life. This is a broad survey in a mere 180 pages. However, she successfully shows that Roman society differed from modern societies in very basic ways, and that these differences altered how women were perceived and how they functioned in that society. The book is not an in-depth examination, but it is a good introduction to Roman women for those interested in history, anthropology, sociology, etc. There are two reasons I could not rate this higher. First, the book needs a thorough editing. It has numerous agreement and syntax errors, and there are more than a few typos. Secondly, D'Ambra's writing style can be challenging at times. Flow within sentences and paragraphs is often choppy, which makes the reader work harder than he/she should. Also, the transition from one topic to another is not always smooth.
  • Whitestone
I ordered this as a textbook for class, but honestly, I read it for fun. Eve D'Ambra is an incredibly intelligent woman, and she's totally outdone herself with this. The book also arrived in perfect condition.
  • Hatе&love
Essential reading on Rome
  • godlike
This book is everything that I thought it would be for the class that I am taking at UCLA. It is a detailed description of all of the women in Roman History. It a facinating read. I recomend it to either history majors or English majors.
  • Chilldweller
Really interesting read.
  • Mozel
Very enlightening, A must read! Author has well researched her topic!