Angels by Sulamith Wulfing

Sulamith Wulfing
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New Age & Spirituality
Imprint unknown; 1st edition (April 1980)
54 pages
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  • Lightwind
First of all, this is a really tiny book, smaller than I expected. The dimensions are after all, posted on the description, but when you actually hold it in your hands, you realize just how small it really is. Yet size wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for two, no three things. First of all the image quality is at best, fair.Wulfing's fine lines and exquisite use of color are blurred and washed out here. They just don't have the clarity and transparency these image need to really sing. My second gripe with the images is that many are cropped. Wulfing had such an extraordinary natural eye for composition that its a shame all of these images aren't presented in their complete form.

And lastly, the quotes seem random and barely in sync with the selected images. And with the entire history of human philosophy, spiritual writings and poetry to choose from, many of the quotes used seem a rather poor choice, considering the power of the imagery. Where are Rilke, Rumi, Kabir, Merton, Hafiz, Gibran, Coelho, Hildegard Von Bingen? Other than Blake, Milton, Traherne, and Shakespeare, you won't find many from the "A list". Unless you like the book of Luke from the Bible. Not my cup of tea as profound mystical poetry.

For better taste of the artwork of Wulfing, I would suggest Nature Spirits, for the images only. It's a somewhat larger (but still small) volume. The text is largely a mediocre selection of musings about elementals, faeries and a selection of anecdotes concerning sightings of gnomes, elves etc. But the images are very good quality and presented complete as opposed to being cropped. Blue Star Communications also did an excellent job in reprinting The Little Mermaid, unfortunately out of print. The stuff coming from the Blue Star people seems to be of the best quality being printed today. Wish I hadn't lost my 1953 copy of her limited edition of The Little Mermaid. Those prints were amazing. Sigh.
  • VariesWent
Was expecting a bigger book but this is quite nice.
  • BlackHaze
This book is one in a series of lovely books illustrated by Sulamith Wulfing. It measures just 4'X6" and contains 25 illustrations with accompanying quotes from famous writers such as Shakespeare, William Blake, John Milton, Robert Herrick, and the Bible. The excerpts don't always seem to go with the illustrations but the text is not the reason you would buy this book anyway. Sulamith Wulfing's intricate and delicate work in this book features many enchanting angels. Each one is unique and filled with a serene and peaceful quality. I feel that the price that is being asked for these books is a bit steep considering the small size of the books, the limited amount of text and the rather poor way the pictures were printed on the page. Most of them have uneven sized white showing at the top and bottom of the picture. However, the artwork is the purpose of the book and it does not disappoint in any way. It is divine and if you love Wulfing's work I suggest that you will truly love this little book of angels.
  • Delagamand
Wulfing, Gibran, Rilke; these are names of individuals who have danced in the garden of the lord.These are the names of people who have gazed at the reflections in the eyes of the Gods. These three artists are people who have the ability to lift us out of our lives and place us in the worlds next to our heart. Sulamuth wulfing has been a part of my Life since the sixties. Her work has never failed to brighten my life, raise my spirit and show me the joy that there is in living. This work is an inspiration. It brings life and love and truth into a visual form which can be shared by all. It allows hope into the heart of madness and it encourages love and spirtuality to flourish in the everyday world. I would encourage anyone , interested in the works of such people as Rumi, Gibran and Rilke to take this book and hold it cloise to their heart.