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The Memory of Earth (Homecoming (Playaway)) by Stefan Rudnicki,Orson Scott Card

The Memory of Earth (Homecoming (Playaway))
The Memory of Earth (Homecoming (Playaway))
Stefan Rudnicki,Orson Scott Card
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Science Fiction
Findaway World (June 1, 2009)
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The Oversoul protects the planet Harmony from war and destruction by subtle interference in the thoughts of the people. But now, some of its systems are failing, and men are beginning to think about power and conquest.

  • Blueshaper
I already read the entire series, but was looking for the 1st book in hardback to complete my set. Reading Orson Scott Card series books... you want to make sure to have the entire set before reading the 1st book. Because once you start the 1st book, you will be reading all the way through the end of the last book!
It would be nice if they turned this into a mini series of movies in the theater! OSC has many great books that would have been great movies. I was a little disappointed about the movie adaption of Ender's Game... it had so much potential.
  • MrCat
First, loved Enders Quintet and the follow up books. But this one, not so much, somewhat boring to me. Excruciating detail. If the other books in the series are like this, then he could of done the series with two books and made it exciting. Some say this is a thinking persons writer. Maybe so, but when I read fantasy I do not want to study. Just entertain me. I will finish this book but this is it for this series.
  • Kahavor
This is a very fantastical novel with a strange premise. The earth was forsaken 40,000,000 years ago for a planet 100 light years away.
We don't know what really happened on earth and after so much time who would want to return anyway. It's not even your great grandfather x 400.000's planet anymore! There's a computer that maintains "harmony" at the sake of progress. It reminds me of "The Planet of the Apes" (Let's end scientific advancement here).
Also the characters are faced with a seemingly insurmountable task.
I'll have to read the next volumes to see how this plays out.
  • Sharpbinder
The storyline is relatively decent. Not as great as the Xenocide/Ender universe, but pretty good.

Other than claiming human civilization is only 10k yrs old, most of the universe in this series is fairly consistent with itself and with possibility.

The characters are fairly well developed, and overall it flows fairly easily.

The problem I have is that there are OCR errors all through these books which is an unacceptable editing quality for any format of book. Also, the maps and similar front matter are not high enough resolution to pick out all of the details from the original graphics.

These limitations come across as disrespectful to the author and to the audience.
  • Little Devil
read it when I was a kid... read it now... just exactly like I remember... it is the Book Of Mormon... Science Fiction with Orson Scott Card and Science Fiction with Joseph Smith... still Great writing, same story same fiction....
  • heart of sky
I love this author. He is probably one of the most frequently quoted authors in my collection of quotes. Although his multiple-edition stories have similar themes the worlds he creates to populate these stories make his themes seem fresh. I almost deducted a couple of stars because there are so many spelling and grammatical errors in the Kindle version. I do not know how these books are transcribed but it is irritating to see so many mistakes.
  • Manona
This author blows my mind - how can such a prolific writer still be able to get my attention and develop new possibilities? The whole series is worth reading - he has created yet another world in my mind which I can visit and wonder at.(Tried not to reveal anything that would spoil the fun of reading it for yourself!)
Card is an excellent author. He keeps me turning the pages. Very good character development, outstanding innovation in creating his world. This is the second series of books I've committed to. I'll read them all eventually.