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The Oysters of Locmariaquer by Eleanor Clark

The Oysters of Locmariaquer
The Oysters of Locmariaquer
Eleanor Clark
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Biological Sciences
Ecco Pr (December 1, 1998)
203 pages
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Describes how oysters are cultivated off the northwest coast of Britany, and describes the history, myths, and legends of the region

  • Zargelynd
A little more information about the history, mystery, farming, harvesting, growing, range of, names of, etc. information about oysters than I was really expecting.
There are amusing and sometimes hilarious brief stories interwoven, along w myths, obvious lies, and folk tales...I just wish there had been MORE of THOSE and quite a bit LESS of the pedantic stuff.
But you know, even the pedantic stuff was quite readable, often amusing, frequently presented w tongue-firmly-in-cheek, such as this gem:
"Incidentally Pliny, more an egghead than a nature-lover, had an interesting view of oyster procreation. Following Aristotle, he says it comes about through spontaneous combustion in the mud."
Way to go, Pliny!
  • Uafrmaine
You know...it is always interesting to learn how the food we eat is harvested. I am an oyster lover! I will eat them anyway they are served. Eleanor Clark can keep you interested in the oyster growth and harvest process. It is grueling work. Now that oyster beds are deminishing the oyster farmer must develope means of cultivating new crop. Certainly I will have a healthy appreciation of how an oyster came to my table from now on. The author manages to describe all the farming and harvesting techniques in a beautiful language that you can understand. You are told stories of the oyster farmers as well. That makes for a very interesting and rewarding book to read.
  • Malodor
This is a classic, and a must for anyone who loves oysters. From the French home of the prized Belon oysters. The writing is clear, lyrical, graceful. While you are reading it, you may feel that Eleanor Clark, who was married to Robert Penn Warren, was the more talented half of this couple. Clark takes you there -- you see it, you feel it.
  • Ahieones
I read this years ago and found it totally fascinating. I do love oysters, and I love good writing and I love France, and I love all those things even more after having read this book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • invincible
You get such a great sense of Brittany here, and if its people. The book is as much about place and time as oysters, and it's very diverting.
  • sobolica
It is an interesting book. I thought that it was difficult to follow because it sort of jumps around from facts to people and local stories. It is a very different kind of book and may stand for a genre that I have not read often, but I did enjoy it. It was, however, not a book I 'couldn't put down'.
  • Malogamand
fascinating book, sometimes hard to follow, sometimes too slow, but made me willing to visit Locmariaquer. Definitively should not be the only or first book on oysters you want to read. Some background on oyster biology needed. But a must have for oyster lovers.
This book gives great perspective on the challenges of oyster cultivation and exploitation over the ages, and also brings to life early life in France. I found it charming. No need to read it all at once, great to savor it over time.