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Jump In! Even If You Don't Know How to Swim by Mark Burnett

Jump In! Even If You Don't Know How to Swim
Jump In! Even If You Don't Know How to Swim
Mark Burnett
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Ballantine Books (January 1, 2006)
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How did a British immigrant with very little cash and absolutely no connections become his own entertainment empire? The answers can be found in Jump In!, Burnett's astounding personal saga.

  • Jerinovir
After reading this book I came away knowing that the author is very proud of his accomplishments. And he should be. This book is not about thinking positive and hoping good things come into your life, it is about deciding what you want and jumping in to go after what you want. Taking action on things that scare you, or things that everyone else says are impossible, is how Mark Burnett became a huge success.

This book talks a lot about Survivor, the Apprentice, and some race called the Eco-challenge, which I had never even heard of. It does not go into details about the cast of those shows, it goes into detail about how the shows came to be and about all the production hurdles that had to be jumped to get them on TV. It kept me interested the entire time.

Ok, getting back to the Eco-challenge, I did a little research to see what it was all about. An endurance race, sounds cool, I love endurance races. I just competed in one a couple of months ago. It was called the Tough Mudder, and it was billed as the "worlds toughest endurance race" Really? Worlds toughest? Because even though it was hard and pretty challenging, it looks pretty easy compared to the footage I have just watched for the Eco-challenge. All I can say is Mark, please bring back the Eco-challenge. I will start training today to compete in it. And if I cannot get cast for it, at least I will be in really great physical shape as I sit on the couch and watch it on TV.
  • Whitescar
I really enjoyed this book. Mark inspired me to get out there and take some risks and do what I want to do! After 5 years of being afraid to take a risk, I acquired my first investment property and I am about to acquire a second. If you are interested in lots of Survivor stuff, this book is not for you. It's more about getting started, suceeding by plugging away and surviving in business. Mark does talk a lot about his career using stories about how he scouted locations, met with people like Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, etc. but they are used more as examples to get his point across. I got what I was looking for with this book ~ Thanks for pushing me off the edge, Mark!
  • Pemand
Cant wait to read it!
  • Trash Obsession
It was an ok book but you'll enjoy it a lot more if you're a "Survivor" fan. I thought it was more about how to get your tv reality show on the air.
  • Saithi
thanks for a great story of a great man
it was easy to read. kept my attention throughout.
i can't wait for the next book in 10 years
  • Qane
Mark is a tremendously inspirational writer with tremendous stories in his life of how to overcome obstacles and achieve success. He is certainly an outstanding example and a beacon of hope and white light for all of us to lead better and more productive lives. Thank you Mark for inspiring us!
  • Kajishakar
Mark Burnett takes you by the hand and tells you, no, makes you JUMP IN! Mark believes if you wait for the perfect time to do anything, you will wait forever! If you know what you want to do, Jump In!
Loved this book! It has an inspiring message. I am a slow reader, mainly because I have little time to read. But I could not put this book down. Loved it so much I bought several to give as gifts.