» » Taking On The Impossible: If there is a will, there is a way!

Taking On The Impossible: If there is a will, there is a way! by Ahmad Kashmola

Taking On The Impossible: If there is a will, there is a way!
Taking On The Impossible: If there is a will, there is a way!
Ahmad Kashmola
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Personal Transformation
AuthorHouse (December 5, 2005)
56 pages
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Taking on the Impossible is a book about opening the mind to all the possibilities within the impossibilities. The book covers ideas, technologies, and concepts-some are within our reach; others might not be available today. Some of the impossibilities that I am referring to in this book are: how to prevent brushfires and how to defeat hurricanes. This book is also meant to tell the reader that we can't give up in the face of a large problem, just because of the size of the problem and the fact that others have tried and failed to come up with a solution to those problems. Bigger problems require bigger solutions, and just because we closed the door on coming up with a solution to those problems years and years ago doesn't mean that there are no other good solutions existing today. All we need is to keep our minds open and think outside the box-way outside the box. I don't claim that some of the solutions' concepts that I provided in this book are "the" best or the only solutions we need to examine; what I am hoping to achieve in this book is basically the notion that we ought to try, try, try, and try again and again to look beyond what others have seen and found just in case they might have missed something and a practical, achievable solution is within our reach. A solution that could save lives, properties, and provide a better future for the future generations. Even if there is a 1 percent chance that one of those solutions could succeed in solving our problems, I say that it is all worth the effort. The reader will find this book educational as well as entertaining. It is full of good ideas and entertaining illustrations that convey a clear message as well as put a smile on the reader's face when he/she finishes reading each challenge and the solution I am proposing for it. Someone might say, "Hmmm, could the solution be as easy as what Alan is claiming?" Well, it might be, or it might not be. The key is that we need to continue thinking and refining our ide