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Living With the Internet (Cybersafety) by Samuel McQuade III PhD,Marcus K. Rogers PhD,Sarah E. Gentry

Living With the Internet (Cybersafety)
Living With the Internet (Cybersafety)
Samuel McQuade III PhD,Marcus K. Rogers PhD,Sarah E. Gentry
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Chelsea House Pub (Library); 1 edition (April 1, 2012)
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The Internet plays a vital role in the everyday lives of millions of people who regularly use computers and other types of electronic information technology devices in their homes, schools, and workplaces. The variety and affordability of these devices, along with compatible operating systems, software applications, and telecommunications technology, contribute to increasing use of the Internet. For teens who have grown up with this technology, it is an integral part of their lives, and it has a huge impact on how they live, learn, and socialize.Living with the Internet provides a broad look at the Internet, its history, and how it has shaped modern society. Explaining the technology behind the Internet, this new title explores its benefits and risks, and what the future of the Internet might mean in terms of privacy, information access, and lifestyle.Chapters and topics include:-How the Internet works -Key uses of the Internet -Where and how people connect to the Internet -Mobile and social computing -Future hopes and concerns for the Internet.