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11 Practice Tests for the SAT & PSAT, 2011 Edition (College Test Preparation) by Princeton Review

11 Practice Tests for the SAT & PSAT, 2011 Edition (College Test Preparation)
11 Practice Tests for the SAT & PSAT, 2011 Edition (College Test Preparation)
Princeton Review
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College & High School
Princeton Review; 1 edition (June 22, 2010)
936 pages
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Get the book that gives  you plenty of practice and much, much, more! 11 Practice Tests for the SAT and PSAT, 2011 Edition, includes :• 11 Total Practice Tests—10 for the SAT and 1 for the PSAT• Detailed answers & explanations for every question• Overview of SAT basics and content• Key information about SAT scoring and SAT myths• Helpful information about paying for college and college admissions

  • Dont_Wory
This book claims that is has "proven techniques for a higher score", such claim is completely preposterous in my opinion...

The answer sheet is contradictory to the detailed explanations, which can only mean one thing: this book hadn't been checked for errors, and therefore it is full of them...

I am shocked that such a renowned company would do the blatant mistake of not checking for errors correctly, I ended up being confused and with a much lower self-esteem due to the fact that I could tell if my answers are right or wrong....

The verdict: If you want a 1000 page collection of errors, go ahead and waste your money.
  • Trash
This book is essentially a great tool to use for practice. However, with in-depth usage, I came to realize that this book lacks detail in its answer explanations. The answer text in this book (in its CR sections) will explain the reason why the /correct/ answer is correct, and, from what I have seem from the majority of the time, leaves the explanation for the other four incorrect answers with the sentence: "The other answers are not supported by the passage." No waaaay..... I didn't know that! It irks me how Princeton couldn't put a little more effort into their answer keys as to thoroughly explain why an answer isn't correct. It just contradicts the cover statement that there will be "detailed answers and explanations for every questions". Minus one star for that.

Another reason as to why I deducted a total of two stars is because of this book's diminutive but common grammatical errors and occasional question errors as well. You'd think that a SAT prep book that was designed to help you would be everywhere well-rounded in its layout. But, sadly, I've caught so many errors in this book that the amount of fingers on both my hands aren't enough to keep count. Mispelling the world "in" by using the word "inn" and repeating answer choices make me question whether Princeton's staff members were half asleep writing this book.

I'm not directly implying that these grammatical malfunctions or half-ass explanations will hobble one's ability to efficiently use this book. These practice tests are relatively similar to the actual SAT tests, and if practiced regularly, will definitely benefit those who seek to improve their scores. I just wish this book was reviewed over a few more times before its publication.
  • Doriel
After finishing the College Board test guide, this book seemed like a good source of additional practice. However, I quickly noticed a plethora of misprints that make certain questions unsolvable without having to guess what the correct information should be. If the publisher only revised this book before putting it into print, this would have been a great product.
  • kinder
Normally Princeton Review guides are our go to books for exam reviews. However, they clearly rushed this without enough editing. As a previous reviewer has already stated, the summary answer sheets have many mistakes on them. The answers in the detailed explanation portion is correct, so one has to compare the summary answer sheet to the detail portion first, then go back to grading the SAT practice test. Sloppy and inconvenient, but not impossible to work around.
  • Raelin
I bought this book in hopes of getting better in SATs, but it hasnt helped at all!

As already stated by many, this book is full of ERRORS. If you dont want to be the proofreader of the book during your SAT studies, do NOT buy this. I had to flip the pages furiously to actually find the correct answer. Even the answer explanations were wrong. I consulted a Princeton professor, who has been writing the SAT Reading exam exercises for years, and he said that many questions in the book dont actually follow the SAT Collegeboard way of thinking and therefore, has many "wrong" judgments. I highly recommend you to buy any other edition or any other SAT prep book.
  • Bludsong
I never used any of the previous editions, so I don't know if the questions repeat from prior years. However, as a junior, I got a 1930 (550 CR, 740 M, 640 W) on the PSAT. After taking 8 of the practice tests timed, I got a 2160 on the actual SAT (680 CR, 800 M, 680 W). The reading sections of this book are especially difficult (a little more difficult than College Board's), but they prepared me so well. The math section is only more difficult than College Board's for the last couple of problems (for me that was all I needed). The writing section was about the same difficulty. Anyway, this book hasn't received rave reviews from most people, and if you use it casually it probably won't do you much good. However, if you sit yourself down, time it, and review all your wrong answers afterwards, it can do you a lot of good. And don't quit. On the first test I got a 470 in CR and by the end I was getting 640s(ish), so don't quit if you flunk the first couple.
  • Natety
I've tutored (independently)for the SAT for years. There are VERY few errors in this book. Just work the problems - there are perhaps to many basic problems and too few of the hardest, but in my experience, most students need to review the easy to mid-difficulty problems. Students - WORK AS MANY PROBLEMS AS YOU CAN. This is just another (good) resource for this.
necessary for my business. but I thought it was too simple, and didn't prepare the test-taker adequately.